Casual and Caped

Cape - Topshop  Jumper - Zara  Skirt - Zara  Boots - Topshop  Sunglasses - Le Specs

Well, I can't believe I haven't blogged this cape yet. I picked up this Topshop cape over christmas and I have almost lived in it ever since. It goes over everything, dresses, jumpers and jeans, and can even be clinched in with a nice belt. Capes are so versatile for this weather, and I was drawn to the dash of orange in this one. Topshop actually seems to have bypassed Zara in becoming my new favourite store at the moment. And these boots I paired with this chilled out outfit are another Toppers snap up.

I got these boots for Christmas, having been searching for the perfect pair of flat boots for ages. What I loved about these was how low at the ankle they were; they could even pass as shoes rather than boots. It's sometimes nicer to have flat shoes with a mini skirt, it makes it a little more playful and on the plus side, it gives your feet a bit of a rest at the same time! I think the boots have sold out online now, but Topshop have such a good shoe selection at the moment that I'm sure you could find a similar pair online.


Winter Crops

Coat - Zara  Jumper - Zara  Trousers - Zara  Shoes - Daniel Footwear

I may be, embarrassingly, pretty much a walking Zara mannequin today. But I wanted to show you some of my sale beauties I picked up recently. 

I wanted a pair of camel culottes for a while, and having had my eye on the Zara Studio knitted pair that came and went in the sale, I decided to snap these up when I found them in my local Zara. I liked the tailored feel to them, giving them a bit of an androgynous feel. Some people don't seem to quite get the culotte trend, and they may not be for everyone, but one thing is for sure; they are comfy. When I changed from a pair to jeans recently, my ankles just felt far too restricted. So culottes are definitely my favourite thing right now.

I wanted to keep it simple and neutral with this outfit, throwing on my trusty Zara coat for a bit of winter layering. I have definitely come to find that less really is more sometimes.


White Stripes

Trousers - Zara  Jumper - Zara  Bag - H&M  Shoes - Topshop

Sometimes you really do need to keep it simple. With this outfit, I am letting the trousers do the talking. These sports luxe sale find from Zara are hitting all the trends right now; sporty, tracksuit style and flared. Plus, they are nice and long for me and all my 5"11-ness. Even though my boyfriend refers to these trousers as my 'Cheryl Cole' pants (think that Fight For This Love era) I think they're fab. Go grab yourself a bargain now using the link above!

I also don't think I have taken my Le Specs sunnies off since I got them over christmas. You may have noticed that I am, more often than not, wearing sunglasses. I feel more comfortable and that little bit more glamorous with sunglasses? Plus, it's less facial effort, for those days when your eye make up just isn't that on point.

If you don't already follow me on Instagram, you may not know that I am actually really interested in make up and a few people have commented asking for me to do a make up tutorial, so I am thinking of setting up a Youtube channel for my blog. What do you guys think? Would you be interested?


Check Mate

Shirt - Misspap*  Culottes - Lavish Alice  Boots - Topshop  Bag - Sandro

To me, the most frustrating thing about being a blogger is trying to get your photos right. The outfits come easy, the photo's of said outfits, not so much. Often I spend so long taking blog photos, only for them to turn out looking like I've taken them on a Nokia 3310, with my eyes shut, and in a cloud of fog. But, regardless to how much the photo's grate on me, I want so much to show you guys my outfits. So, it's a bit of a tricky situation. 

Still, whilst I am yet to master the art of my Canon, I want to show you this outfit. I picked up these Culottes from Lavish Alice last week for £10, and having wanted them for the last few months, I was extremely happy with my bargain. They are such flattering yet different trousers, and I have really been getting sick of tight, skinny, straight leg trousers. This year, it's all about the wide flare. And what's better than a bargain and on trend? 

Speaking of bargains, I picked up these Topshop chelsea boots at a fraction of the price last week, again another purchase I had been wishfully thinking would come into the sales, and they did. I teamed off an all black look with this lovely monochrome, oversized shirt from Misspap and a dash of green. The added white dots you may see, is the snowstorm that arrived shortly during and after my photo taking session. Whats a girl gotta do to get some decent photos??


Wrapped in Red

Coat - Pretty Little Thing*  Jumper - Zara  Pants - H&M  Shoes - &OtherStories

Red lips are definitely my new favourite thing. I've never really thought I was a red lip kinda' gal, but I think that's because I never really found the right shade. However, this Nars lip pencil in Cruella is my new shade. And what better to go with a red coat.

This lovely boyfriend coat from Pretty Little Thing makes me feel all little red riding hood-esque. It's such a lovely coat, and it adds a bit of chic to an otherwise simple outfit. I decided to keep it all black and simple, paired off with a pair of feathery heels from &OtherStories. 

January Moodboard

Stripe ShirtStrapless Top - Belt - Leopard BagHeels - JumperLong Sleeve Top - Culottes - Sunglasses - Skirt - Loafers 

With London Fashion Week fast approaching, I've been gathering, instagramming, brainstorming, anything to grab a bit of inspiration for the perfect outfit. 

I have lost a little bit of love for colour at the moment, and I wanted to focus on simple and neutral tones and silhouettes. Simple is the key to my SS14 fashion inspiration, and here are a few of my favourite peices.