Culottes - Zara (similar)  Shirt - H&M  Scarf - Zara  Boots - Topshop

My summertime layering in this post consists of floaty white shirts and rust coloured culottes. I picked up these culottes months ago and only realised when I shot this look that they had never actually appeared on the blog. I love these pants, the colour and the cut is so flattering. Plus, I think these boots were made for culottes. 

I picked up this floaty cream shirt in H&M in Spain a few weeks back and I just loved how different it was. The knot detailing at the front is so pretty. And it's perfectly on trend at the moment too, with the kind of 70's vibe it has. There are some similar, clickable links below for you guys to check out too!



Blouse - Zara  Skirt - Zara  Bag - YesStyle  Scarf - ASOS  Shoes - Topshop

If you missed out on THAT Zara blue embroidered blouse of the summer, have no fear, because it's back and in full AW15 colour scheme. And it's just as pretty. I love the reds and blues on this little jacket (that I am wearing as a top) and the embroidery is just so pretty! 

This is a pretty laid back outfit for some summer time chilling. I paired it with my trusty Zara denim skirt and my Topshop snake print pointed flats, because they're just too fierce not too really. I feel like I use this YesStyle bag way too much. But to be honest, it just goes with everything and I don't think I'm done with it just yet. I have actually ordered this tan one from YesStyle too, which I am excitedly waiting for. If you do order from them, I would warn that it can take a while for the items to arrive (sometimes about 4 weeks), but for the prices, you can't reallllly complain. 

I've linked some of my items below and added some similar bits for you guys to have a snoop at.


Transitional Trench

Dress - New Look via ASOS  Top - Pretty Little Thing* Coat - Zara  Scarf - Zara  Boots - Topshop

I am going mad for all things denim at the moment! And this cute pocket front dress is perfect for transitional styling. Wear it on its own for warmer days, or layer it up for a more A/W look. I decided to pair mine with a bell sleeve shirt from Pretty Little Thing and add a bit of a 70's vibe with my new favourite skinny scarf from Zara. These are everywhere at the moment and they add that extra little bit of chic-ness to an outfit. 

I paired this look with my new Topshop leather and tortoise shell boots - THE boot of the season. I love the high ankle to these and it's nice to have a contrasting heel for a change. Plus, they feel pretty comfortable so far! I also have a feeling this Zara faux leather coat here is going to be making a big appearance throughout my A/W wardrobe, it's still an absolute favourite of mine. And to think I picked it up on Depop for £30 makes me even happier when I look at it. I have linked some similar bits below if you want to re-create this look. 


Holiday Blues

I have only been home from my second holiday of the year for 4 days, and I already want another one. Desperately. So when I was contacted by www.loveholidays.com to do a post on why us brits go abroad, I thought it would be perfect timing for me. 

Why do brits go abroad?
Well, I don't know about you guys, but I can't cope without at least one holiday a year. Even if it means saving all my annal leave and having no odd days off within the year. Going abroad is so worth it. Whether it's for sun, shopping or sight seeing, we al love a holiday. And lets face it, after what I think is one of the most miserable summers of all time this year, we need some sunshine more than ever. One of my main reasons for a holiday is the sweet bliss of anything between a few days or a few weeks off work. Heaven.

Planning a holiday
Even planning your getaway can be exciting. Whether you are just booking flights to somewhere or a full blown package, having something to look forward to (even if it's a year away) is always nice. I am hoping to plan a trip back to Florida next year, where I went and fell in love with 2 years ago, as you can see from my scratch map below. Try SkyScanner for searching cheap flights, which is what I use to look at flight price patterns. When looking for my Florida holiday, I looked to see which weeks in the year had the cheapest flights, then searched for package holidays on those dates, and they did work out cheaper. I will definitely be searching through www.loveholidays.com for my Florida package, if I can convince my boyfriend that Disney World is definitely not for children.

What to take?
I always over pack. I can't help it. Being a blogger and trying to keep to a 19kg bag limit AND having to share with your other half = not ideal. I hold my hands up and admit that on my way home from Marbella in June, I was that person in the check in queue desperately trying to shove my over the weight limit clothes and shoes into my hand luggage. Not cool. My top packing tips are:
  • Utilise your space - take the biggest hand luggage bag you can and place your heavier items in there. Hand luggage allowance is usually pretty generous and people seem to forget about this.
  • Divide your items - I always have at least one bikini, top, shorts and shoes in each bag, so if the unthinkable happens and you lose a case on your travels, you always have a change of clothes.
  • Be tight on toiletries - can you by these abroad? If so, do. You don't need that weight taking up valuable clothing space. If you can't buy online, decant your bits into smaller bottles that take up less space. And if you really want to go all out, just go mad in duty free!

Now, time to plan my next holiday. Disney, here I come! 



Shirt - Pretty Lavish*  Skirt - Zara  Sandals - Mango  Bag - YesStyle 
I am still trying to cling on to summer, even though it feels like the middle of Autum with this weather. (And I am secretly excited about all the AW15 collections that keep popping up!). But whilst it is still July, I AM going to wear a skirt.
This lovely oversized shirt tunic is from Pretty Lavish. I love this, it's actually a dress but I am loving the whole long line look at the moment, so I paired it with a denim skirt from Zara I got a few months back. It's so simple and chic, it's something every girl should have in her wardrobe. And if you head to Pretty Lavish and enter the code OLIVIA10, you can get 10% off to!
Also, who knew I would ever be digging this neckerchief out of my wardrobe again? I've seen this look cropping up a bit over the last few weeks and I am kinda loving it! What do you guys think? I can't even remember where this one is from, but you can pick one up here for just £6!


Bell Bottoms Up

Trousers - Zara  Top - H&M  Bag - YesStyle  Sunglasses - Primark
Finally, a pair of flares that are actually long enough for me. So long that they're actually a little TOO long. Trip hazard anyone? God knows how anyone under 5'11 will manage to walk in these trousers with their lives intact. But hey, they look cute and too long is better than too short in my opinion. These Zara pants are channelling proper 70's bell bottoms and I love it!
These trousers are part of Zara's amazing new Studio AW collection. I need and want everything from this line at the moment. They've really turned summers 70's boho trend transitional, which means we don't have to abandon our suede, tassels and hippy prints just yet. I paired these simple yet kinda loud trousers with this cute Chloe inspired top I picked up in H&M. I just love the colour and style of this top, especially that embroidered edging! This mustard colour is a colour that I think my wardrobe was really missing, and it's the perfect little summer top too.