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Old Skool

So I've given up on the heels recently in favour of flats and I have not stopped wearing my Vans Old Skool trainers I received from ASOS. I have been stocking up on trainers for my America trip and these have to be my favourites! They're so comfortable and totally on trend at the moment.


Mary Jane

I've realised recently that I have bought way too many summery clothes for it to be almost October. But with my impending holiday I can't bring myself to shop for winter just yet (although I am dying to get my hands on a sick winter coat, with the Military trend having my name all over it).


Tea Party

I refuse to accept the fact that summer is over and we are in September now. It may be down to the fact I haven't even had my summer holiday yet (well, bar my week in Marbella but that feels like yolks away now). I am off to America in November and I have been non stop purchasing summer/holiday clothes (shhh...)


Flower Power

I'm going all out embroidery with todays look and I am loving it. How cute is this embellished bag I picked up in Zara the other week? I think it looks way more expensive than it was at £29.99 and they have some absolute beauties in store at the moment.



Bank holiday weekend has been and gone and with it came sunshine and showers (unfortunately I managed to chose the showers as a good time to take my outfit shots but we will call it 'moody'). So I thought this weekend was the perfect opportunity to get my ruffles out.


I am Leopard

If there's one thing I am feeling right now, it is leopard print. If you have me on Instagram you will already have seen me wear the hell out of this jacket already but I cannot take it off. It just won't let me. This jacket and I are now one.
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