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I'm sure I'm not the only one who has swooned over a pair of Stuart Weitzman Highland boots, but at over £600, it's gonna stay that way for a while I can imagine. So until I make my millions, here are an amazing dupe pair for less than £40! Now that is a saving.



Black Friday - The Ultimate Discount List

So, you saw my favourite sale picks and a few codes yesterday, but here we have it. The ultimate Black Friday weekend discount code list. All the links are clickable, so I've done all the hard work for you! Now all you need to do is get adding to your basket, which I'm sure won't be hard a all....

Happy shopping!


Balmain Beauty

Ok, so this post title may be a bit misleading as I'm not actually wearing any Balmain here. Believe it or not, this amazing blazer is from Missguided and it's actually a dress. I just love it, especially the longer length of it worn over trousers. 


Dressing up a Storm

Unless you are another blogger, you will never understand the pain and frustration of trying to shoot in the midst of a tornado. Today made me realise that resting a coat on your shoulders may look chic, but when the wind blows and you're desperately clutching at your lapels, it's slightly less so. But when a coat is this slick, it's the only way it can be worn.


Snake in the Grass

Have I over done it with the skinny scarves recently? Probably. Am I going to stop? Probably not. I love them too much. They add a nice little 70's twist to any outfit and just make it that little bit more interesting. So I apologise in advance for any more skinny scarf looks....

Christmas anyone?

Imagine a Christmas where money was no object. I know, it's easy to imagine right? I bet you all have a million and one things on your wishlist that you know you're probably never going to be able to get/afford (although we can dream, right?). Here are some of my luxury wishlist items that one day, I will be able to splurge out on, with some of my posh essentials that I love to save for. Just click on the images for more details!
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