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White stripe

I feel like I have so many new bits to show on my blog, but I always forget about them because they feature first on my Instagram. Like this jacket for example. I have had this since Christmas and it's only just getting blogged now. Criminal, I know. Perhaps I have too many clothes?... Pfft. I can't even kid myself in writing it; we always need more clothes.


Wearing Monochrome with Missguided: Part 3

Who says you can't wear all white in winter? Throw on some black shaggy fur and the look becomes a whole lot more...acceptable. Although not that practical; white flares and dirty, wet ground do not go together.



I may be wearing the hell out of this lace top, but when somethings this good, you need to get your wear out of it, right?! That's my excuse anyway. And this top is so good. This was one of those things  that I was umm-ing and ahh-ing about for so long because I was saving before Christmas, and this just proves that if you are thinking about one item of clothing for that long, just bite the bullet and buy it. Or you will regret it. And I'm so glad I did.


Wearing Monochrome with Missguided: Part 2

So you've seen my first, dressed down version of monochrome styling and now here is my second look, which is slightly more dressy but played down with skinny jeans and ankle boots for a slightly western look.


Wearing Monochrome with Missguided

With 2016 in full swing now, it's time to get on with the new season trends. And Monochrome is a big one at the moment. It's simple and easy to pull off, and is to everyones taste. Missguided recently got in touch with me and asked me to style up Monochrome 3 different ways from their newest pieces online, so here is my first look. 


New Season Must Haves

I don't know about you guys, but I am sick of the sight of sales right now. It's getting to that point where all the good bits are gone, and last season's bits are just not taking your fancy any more. So, I've given up on the sales and I've picked my favourite new season bits that are online now. I am feeling drawn to neutrals and retro shapes at the moment, and I can't get enough of the glove shoe trend. Happy shopping!
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