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I am Leopard

If there's one thing I am feeling right now, it is leopard print. If you have me on Instagram you will already have seen me wear the hell out of this jacket already but I cannot take it off. It just won't let me. This jacket and I are now one.



Unless you have been living under a rock for the last 12 months, you will know that embroidery is BIG right now thanks to Gucci. You might think florals are just for spring, but they are going to be huge this Autumn/Winter. But lets forget about that, because we are still in Summer (believe it or not) .


Styling Jeans 3 Ways with River Island

I feel like I have been living in jeans for the past few months (or blog posts at least) but with the lack of summer we have had this year, plus the fact that they are so versatile, they have been my go to item. So when River Island got in touch and asked me to style one pair of jeans three ways, it was a campaign made for me.


Fluted Sleeve

I've never been so excited about a high street purchase than I was when I spotted this Jumper a few weeks back. I knew it was going to be a big hit with the fashion world and I wasn't wrong; I have seen almost every blogger wearing this in the last two weeks. But who cares when a jumper is this pretty AND less than £40. 



Bomber jackets are everywhere at the moment. I mean, surely you have seen this Topshop bomber draped over the shoulders of every it girl alike. Well, I couldn't justify spending that much on a bomber before I go on holiday, so I picked up this beauty from In The Style instead! 


Polka Dot

I have a bit of a love affair going on with polka dots at the moment. It all stemmed from that RĂ©alisation dress (technically it's stars, but you get my drift). The dress that has been on the lips (and hips) of every it girl alike. But as I'm saving for my holidays at the moment, I can't afford to be spending £150+ on a pretty tea dress. So I nabbed this pretty cold shoulder top instead.
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