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Baby Blues

One of the perks of being a giant; playsuits as tops. This is actually a playsuit, believe it or not. Albeit  a very short playsuit on me. I wore this on its own quite often whilst on holiday in Marbella recently and I really love the cute, smocky style to it (also makes your legs look skinnier, which is always a plus). My favourite bit is the cut out back, that perfectly shows off my Marbs tan.


Kimono Kool

I'm not usually a Kimono kinda gal. I find them a bit too girly for me usually, but seeings as this one is black (my favourite) it's just about acceptable. I am really drawn to monochrome pieces so I loved the pretty white detailing on this. 


Beach Please - The Ultimate Holiday Shop

Holiday shopping; it's either super exciting and you have each outfit planned in your head in advance, from the beach to what you're going to wear to travel, or you dread having to trawl through all those 'Summer Shop' edits that seem to go on forever and just seem to consist of 100's of mix and match bikinis. Well, I've narrowed it down to (quite a few) of my favourite choices to bring you guys the ultimate summer 2016 holiday edit.




How amazing has this bank holiday weekend been? The weather has been glorious and it was just in time to get this new Zara asymmetric shirt out. I love all these uneven cut tops they seem to be doing lately and all the ruffles everywhere are super flattering. 


Zig Zag

Do Missoni-esque Zig Zag print knits ever go out of style? I mean, I can remember seeing the infamous Missoni slinky knit dresses ever since I was little. They're just iconic, right?! Well, this Cardigan isn't Missoni. It's in fact from the new River Island Studio collection. Which really gives the high end designer a run for their money! Check out the beautiful lust-worthy collection here


Slumber Party

It feels like summer has well and truly arrived with a bang after this weekend. Can you believe I was actually sweating shooting these? A stark contrast to my Alton Towers trip last weekend where I was actually in danger of getting a swollen face from going on Nemesis in a hail storm. But anyway, I am loving this heat and the outfits that come with it too.

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