Paisley Prints

Dress - In Love With Fashion* Scarf - ASOS  Hat - ASOS  Boots - Zara  Bag - Zara  Sunglasses - Westward Leaning  

I cannot believe I haven't blogged about this scarf yet. THE scarf of AW14, it may seem. If you haven't seen this draped around the neck of a blogger yet, you may have been living under a internet-less rock for the last few months. I bought this scarf a few months back and I was instantly drew to it as it kind of reminded me of a Charlotte Simmone. And whilst my bank balance definitely can't afford one of those beauties yet, I decided this was the perfect alternative. The matching ASOS bag is on the shopping list too.

As soon as I received this beautiful dress from In Love With Fashion, I pictured it with this scarf. I wanted to add a bit of edginess to the folky print of this dress and I think the scarf did just that. Plus, the colours matched perfectly. This dress is one of THE most flattering dresses I have ever worn, and considering it's not usually the kind of thing I go for, I have fallen in love. No pun intended. Plus, if you go to their website here you can find a nice little £10 off voucher that pops up!

I kept the rest of the outfit simple with some black leather accessories, to make this outfit a little less girly. My trusty Zara croc leather bag never fails me. You can buy this bag in a cute mini version from Zara right now, which I would definitely recommend getting. Who needs practical bags these days anyway?


Little Red

Jumpsuit - AX Paris*  Jacket - Zara  Shoes - Linzi*  Necklace - Missguided  Bag - Zara 

Jumpsuits, who says they are just for night time? They may not always be the most practical of clothing, but they do look chic. Whether they're long sleeved or strapless, paired with the right items they can be perfect for that day-to-night look. 

This gorgeous red suit from AX Paris is such a perfect item for the coming christmas season, what with that cherry red colour and on trend V style bandeau. I don't usually feel majorly comfortable in strapless items, especially in the day time, so what better to throw on a cape to make it a little more daytime friendly. Capes have come back big this season, and this Zara beauty may be over a year old but it's still so on point. I decided to carry on the festive feel with some doubled up red, and I think this cape coat is the perfect smart/casual way to add a bit of warmth to this outfit without swamping the lovely playsuit. 

I decided to pair it with these amazing fluffy black and gold heels from Linzi. Not only are they fluffy, and I love anything furry/feathery/fluffy, but the heel height is so perfect. And they are comfy, which is always a bonus. 


Princess Skirt

Jumper - Zara  Skirt - H&M Trend  Bag - Topshop  Boots - Zara  Sunglasses - Westward Leaning

Usually, if you think of H&M, you think of cheap, casual basics. That's what I mainly used to think of the brand. However, in case any of you aren't aware of the different concepts that the H&M brand have, then you may well be missing out on one of my favourite fashion gems. 

You will find many different sections if you go to a larger H&M store, and one of my favourites is the 'H&M Trend' label. You may have heard me mention it in previous posts, but it actually seems to be a some what hidden gem that many people don't know about. The H&M Trend section features higher quality, more 'high fashion' and uniquely designed items that wouldn't look out of place on the high end catwalks. And my favourite thing about the brand, is you can happily go out wearing the items and not have to worry about bumping into 5 other girls wearing the same dress as you. 

I picked up this lantern style skirt when I was in H&M in the Trafford Centre a few weeks back now, and I fell in love instantly. The structured style and the abstract paint print drew me instantly and the beautiful, stiff material definitely looked more expensive than H&M. I feel rather princess like in this poofy skirt. And I love it! 


Teal Time

Jacket - Primark  Shirt - Zara  Pants - Zara  Shoes - Zara  Bag - Mulberry

Bottle green is fast becoming one of my favourite colours this Autumn, and I have known for a while that I wanted a green/teal colour fur. I had my eye on a beautiful one from Fashion Union but could never spot it online! So when I saw this beauty in Primark for £25, I could not resist. Its perfect; nice and soft, a great colour and a great length. And for that price, I would definitely buy this in other colours too, I am hoping there is a burgundy one I can find somewhere!

Keeping to the bottle green theme, I decided to match my fur with this gorgeous Zara polka dot green shirt. This is a wardrobe favourite of mine at the moment and there's a cute little cut out at the back of the shirt which makes it a little different. I have my eye on the matching shorts from Zara too! A cute little DIY playsuit I have in mind. With this wintery outfit, I decided to bring out my Mulberry Bayswater bag which I got a few years ago now. I thought it was the ideal colour to compliment the green and silvery greys in my outfit, and it had been a bit neglected at the back of my wardrobe for a few months so I decided it needed an outing. 

I don't think I am the only one to have said this, but these beautiful Zara silver goddess shoes are the most painful things I have ever come across. And yes, they are worse than the breaking in of my Dune leopard print beauties. I'm not sure if it's just me and I have odd shaped feet, but Zara seem to make the most painful shoes. Painfully beautiful shoes. Alas, us girls will suffer anything to look good. And if that means walking with a slight limp, so be it...


Chasing the Light

Gilet - Fashion Union*  Jumper - Zara  Skirt - City Rack*  Bag - Zara  Boots - Zara

I recently took part in an online interview, and one of the questions was 'What is the best and worst thing about running a successful fashion blog?'. Now, the best thing is definitely what came to my head first; just doing what I love. I have a love for fashion and shopping that is almost un-healthy, and being able to style outfits and express my creativity in the form of an outfit is such a buzz for me. Then there was the worst. And that was without hesitation, time. Finding time to juggle a full time job and taking blog photos. And this is what I have to resort to, with these dark winter days/nights. I feel like I have a few hours slot on a Sunday that I need to make the most of. And if I get it too late, I feel a bit disappointed with my photo quality, as they turn out kind of dark and gloomy. 

But it's worth it, and today I am making the most out of an unfortunate situation. I don't feel the weather helps with the moody-ness either. However, I have a bit of brightness at least in today's outfit, in the form of this pink fur Gilet from Fashion Union. The colour really drew me to this Gilet as I felt it was a nice shade of pink without being too Barbie! And it's such a great item to have in your wardrobe, you can throw it over just about anything and it will work! Plus, if you want to snap one up too, it's now in the sale, along with another nude colour, which you can check out here. This cute grey skirt is another bargain from The City Rack. It's a fab colour for winter and there's nothing better than a bargain! 

If you want to check out the interview I spoke about earlier, check it out here on Fashion Chick!


Chilled out Chinos

Coat - Zara  Trousers - H&M  Top - Zara  Bag - Zara  Shoes - Dune

I think I could wear this Zara coat with every single item in my wardrobe. It might have been expensive for an un-lined coat, but it's so versatile and easy to style, it was definitely worth the investment. And the camel colour seems to go with pretty much everything! It's also great that, if you wanted to layer up it could be nice and cosy, otherwise it's nice and light weight and not too warm on it's own. If you haven't already got one, I would definitely recommend a camel coat for a AW14 wardrobe stable. 

I am wearing my lovely H&M patterned chinos again in this post. I love how the overall colour of the pants kind of changes with what you are wearing them with. For example, if you look at my previous blog post when I am wearing a pink coat, the burgundy in the pants stands out more and they look much more red, where as with this camel coat I feel like the beige color is picked up more? I don't know if it's just me though.