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Bomber jackets are everywhere at the moment. I mean, surely you have seen this Topshop bomber draped over the shoulders of every it girl alike. Well, I couldn't justify spending that much on a bomber before I go on holiday, so I picked up this beauty from In The Style instead! 


Polka Dot

I have a bit of a love affair going on with polka dots at the moment. It all stemmed from that RĂ©alisation dress (technically it's stars, but you get my drift). The dress that has been on the lips (and hips) of every it girl alike. But as I'm saving for my holidays at the moment, I can't afford to be spending £150+ on a pretty tea dress. So I nabbed this pretty cold shoulder top instead.



It feels like summer may pretty much be over. I found myself looking at summer clothes recently and thinking that I may as well not buy any more summer bits because that's it, time for Autumn/Winter. In my head it's basically October. A week of sunshine and there goes Summer 2016. Cheers Britain. I've been totally skipping those holiday sections online, especially as I've had my summer holiday already, although it feels like I never went.


Gucci Florals

I can't believe I haven't blogged this top yet because I've had it for months and probably worn it more than once a week since I've had it. It was such a bargain from Zara and I love a bit of colour for a change! How Gucci is it too? It would look perfect with my Dionysus...when I get one...One day... 


Baby Blues

One of the perks of being a giant; playsuits as tops. This is actually a playsuit, believe it or not. Albeit  a very short playsuit on me. I wore this on its own quite often whilst on holiday in Marbella recently and I really love the cute, smocky style to it (also makes your legs look skinnier, which is always a plus). My favourite bit is the cut out back, that perfectly shows off my Marbs tan.


Kimono Kool

I'm not usually a Kimono kinda gal. I find them a bit too girly for me usually, but seeings as this one is black (my favourite) it's just about acceptable. I am really drawn to monochrome pieces so I loved the pretty white detailing on this. 
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