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Testing the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

If, like me, you have been an avid Apple fan since you can remember, then you probably wouldn't think twice about having any other product than Apple, including a phone. And I really didn't at all, until I tried this phone out for real. And boy did my opinion change.


Little White Dress

Wearing white is one of my favourite things, even if it's a little unpractical sometimes. Is it just me or does anyone else end up with a variety of food/makeup/fake tan stains before you've even left the house? Alas, this did not stop me buying this little tennis dress a few weeks back. And at £25.99, you can't go wrong.


It's A Tie

What do you do when you can't find the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans? Borrow your boyfriends actual jeans, of course. These are an old ASOS pair that aren't quite up to style the mens skinny jean standard these days, so I nabbed them for myself. 



Up until recently, you would rarely see me in gold jewellery. I was always very much a silver kind of girl. But these days I am all for it. And I had been fancying a pair of statement gold earrings for a while now, so when I spotted these I thought they would be perfect. Who would have thought that a pair of earrings could change your look completely, giving it a way more retro vibe I think. I will definitely be adding to my statement earring collection; they're great for up do's too. 


The Basics

Jeans are fast becoming my thing right now. Whether they're blue, black, cropped, flared, skinny, I just can't get enough. I don't really feel like much of a skirt gal these days (bar this leather beauty in my last post). I am obsessed with the uneven hem on these Weekday jeans, and the distressed denim adds a bit of a grungy feel to them.


Less Is More

Sometimes less is definitely more. A laid back outfit can sometimes work just as well as something you have planned and worked at. A simple striped shirt and denim jeans are definitely wardrobe must haves and these frayed denim jeans are a nice little update on the standard blue skinny.
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