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Quick outfit post from a few weeks ago wearing head to toe Zara, my usual party trick! I am wearing the black velvet blazer from the Winter 2012 collection, which is one of the most beautiful jackets ever. The black velvet against the gold buttons looks so classy, this jacket definitely looks way more expensive than it was!

Of course I have the white Zara skort, along with every man and his dog, but I still can't get enough of this and I think it's so flattering and versatile. Perfect for summer or winter.

I also never thought I would be one for 90's esque non platform shoes, however I have surprised myself and they are now a wardrobe must have.   

My must have sequin purse has sadly seen better days but I am just too attached to get rid. I may have to resort to sticking some of these sequins back on....

I personally don't think you can go wrong  with a bit of black and white.

Blazer, Skirt, Shirt, Shoes and Bag: All Zara (cringe)

Olivia xo


  1. This probably sounds awfully keen but I was soooo happy to see you in my reading list again. I've followed you basically since you started (we started at the same time) and I've loved your blog ever since! You're looks have been such a help and so inspirational to an otherwise beauty-obssessed teenager! As always I love this look and I hope you'll have time in the future to post more, you're one of my favourites! <3


  2. Outfit is perfect!
    - www.jennabarbara.blogspot.com xx


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