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Never have I been in love with a pair of shoes so much. Well, that is a bit of a lie. But when I first saw these gorgeous china print blue court heels on LK Bennett's website, I instantly fell in love. However, due to the somewhat hefty price tag and my not so hefty bank balance, I reluctantly had to abandon my purchase and just longingly dream that they would somehow be in my possession.

Scrawling through eBay the other week, these caught my eye once more. I didn't get my hopes up too much, as shoes tend to never be in my size when I want them (I am an 8, I have giant feet), however I do believe it was destiny that I found these. In my size. Brand new in the box. For £40. £40!! Bargain of the century if you ask me, and boy do I love a bargain. 

Shoes: LK Bennett Jeans: French Connection Clutch: Zara Cami: Topshop Bracelets: Chlobo Earrings: Warehouse Sunglasses: Westward Leaning.

Anyway, I just think these are such a versatile pair of shoes and really pretty, which is kind of unlike me. I really wanted a change from the usual black, white and nude heels that I tend to wear to death. I thought these shoes would be perfect with jeans, and although we are sadly nearly at the end of summer, I think these will brighten up any outfit and keep the florals going strong throughout winter. 

I really love how this pop of colour with the lime yellow looks with these shoes as well. If only my cute Zara clutch wasn't missing some sequins.

Until next time!

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  1. these shoes are so beautiful, never seen a pair like them before either!



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