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I've gone a bit crack-crazy lately. After seeing Balenciaga's cracked leather turtle necks a while ago, I've been slightly obsessed. I think its a kind of mixture of gritty/girly. Don't ask me why. Anyway, I spotted this pure Balenciaga-esque top on the lovely Frichic blog a while ago, and I have checked every day until I excitedly discovered it had come back in stock on ASOS, and I pounced. 

I just loved the stiffness, the thick shiny leather material and the raw edges. Now I wasn't too sure what this would look like on. I do have quite broad shoulders and I thought it would make me look a bit 'American Football player does bondage', but it actually looks much nicer on. 

So here is just one installment of my crack-fest, I have more to come.

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