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Getting my knee-high on

Boots - Daniel Footwear  Skirt, Jumper and Waistcoat - Zara  Bag - H&M

The boots!! I got them. Well, not quite. I couldn't quite stretch to £400 for a pair of Stuart Weitzman boots, but these are definitely the next best thing! These almost identical look-alikes fom Daniel Footwear are so perfect. They are a great fit and great height for my long legs so they are actually knee high, rather than calf high like some I have tried.  They have a total 60's feel about them as well and I think they are perfect for winter when you can't decide between tights or no tights; these are just the best of both worlds.

I am also majorly happy with myself for finding this skirt, the last one, in my size, for £3.99!!! I think I actually whoop-ed right there and then in the store when I saw it. I love the colours! Now I am just trying to find the perfect baby blue jumper to go with this. Does anyone have any ideas for me??


  1. Love the boots. Looks similar to the Stuart Weitzman. I've been debating about getting the black gladiators. Love it.


  2. just having a little browse through your blog hun and so far I'm loving it! I really like your outfits - defo going to follow :-* x

    1. Thanks lovely :) I love your outfits too, you have great style! Followed x


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