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Jumper - Zara  Waistcoat - Zara  Jeans - Topshop  Bag - H&M Trend  Trainers - Adidas Originals  Sunglasses - Westward Leaning

Today was dress down Sunday for me; Que usage of my new trainers. I feel like my ASOS Ridley ripped knee jeans would have gone much better with this look, but it was chucking it down, and fake tan striped wet knees wouldn't have looked quite as chic. I hate this weather!! I am lusting for the days that I can throw on a skirt and not have to worry about tights, wet feet or fake tan streaks. And sandals...!! 

Anyway, sorry this look is kind of dressed down-boring, but I was just having a lazy day. I am also slightly upset because I have banned myself from shopping for the whole month. A MONTH! I mean, its not a strict strict ban. Say, for example, I saw something I NEEDED from the Peter Pilotto for Target collection on Net-A-Porter, then it would only make sense to buy it, as it would sell out by the time my ban ends and would cost me more in the long run if I had to resort to eBay...(hint: watch this space.)

On another note, does anyone have any hair ideas for me? I am dying for a new do', and don't know what to go for. Short? Ombre? Full on blonde? Fringe? Help and opinions will be muchly appreciated :).

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