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iPhone case - Sealoe

I have been looking for a new iPhone case for a while now, one that was slightly different and a bit more fashionable than my standard £2 eBay job that I had. And I knew as soon as I came across this website, this was going to be 'the one'. Well, tell a lie. I actually had my eye on about 3 different ones; they are just TOO cute to confide your phone to just one case. And whilst I am on a spending ban this month, a twinny for this case is going to have to wait, I will most definitely be purchasing another. 

I went for the monochrome 'I swear on my Chanel' case as I thought it was the most 'me'. I love the matte finish to the cover and its actually pretty sturdy too. The prices are SO reasonable, although postage does bump it up a bit. But it came pretty quick so I guess you can't complain! I had my eye on the funky 'Mojitos and Manolos' case too, so that may be my next purchase. They have amazing other products on their site, from wall prints to flasks. I am even contemplating getting a fierce flask; I don't even drink hot drinks! 

This should suffice until I get my hands on a real Chanel to swear on.....

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  1. Love this! Lovely photographs too - great blog x


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