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Orange Crush

Coat - Zara  Jeans - French Connection  Jumper - Zara  Bag - Zara  Boots - New Look  Sunglasses - Westward Leaning

Spring seems to be on it's way, and what better way to celebrate the official start of spring, than with a new coat! Perfect excuse, if you ask me. I had my eye on this woolen Zara beauty for a while, and whilst I was debating between the three colours it comes in, I decided to go for one of my favourite colours; orange. 

Orange is a great go to colour if you're wanting a bit of a colour pop adding to your wardrobe. It's somewhat less out there and in your face as a bold red or a bright pink. I also feel that it goes with pretty much any other colour and never really tends to go 'out of fashion' as such, so an orange statement piece is definitely an investment. This lightweight wool coatigan is perfect for spring/summer, as we all know that, whilst we like to pretend that it's 'really warm today', sometimes its just not. And this is a brilliant combination of lightweight but still cosy. I also love the upright collar, it's a bit of a change from the usual lapels. 

I kept the rest of my outfit pretty simple this weekend, to let the coat do the talking. I went for my trusty French Connection jeans, which are the most perfect fitting jeans I have owned and I never wish to part ways with these beauties. I also thought I would take my old Zara shopper for an outing, as it had been gathering dust for a while now and I kind of missed it if I'm honest! It must be around 3 years since the shopper hit the shelves, and it's still a Classic! 


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  2. wow this coat is gorgeous, such a lovely colour on you! xx



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