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the sun has got his hat on

Dress - Zara  Jacket - Zara (similar here)  Shoes - ASOS  Hat - Whistles  Bag - Zara  Sunglasses - Westward Leaning 

Making the most of the sunny weather, I decided to crack out the mini-dress on the weekend. I did get a few funny looks, as it wasn't actually THAT warm, but you have to make the most of it when you like in the UK.

I got this cute dress from the Zara sales over Christmas, as I thought it would be perfect for summer with flats, like these, or with heels to become more dressy, as I think it's quite a classy dress. The only problem I have at the moment is that my skin tone is far too similar to the nude top panel at the dress, so it looks slightly weird... time to get the fake tan back out!

This blazer I got from Zara probably this time last year, and I am so glad to see that this olive/toffee colour is really in this season, so I can get a bit more wear out of this. The flowy cut and material of the blazer make it perfect for throwing over anything. I am also glad I can get my wear out of this gorgeous Whistles floppy hat, now that the wind and rain has (hopefully) gone and I don't have to worry about flying away! Far less glam than it looks. I thought the jacket complimented the leopard band around the hat, as I do have a bit of a thing for having at least one colour match in an outfit, without getting obsessive.

I hope you guys like the outfit! I would love to know what you think!

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  1. You look lovely, really chic and the photos are gorgeous :) I love the hat but I know exactly what you mean, I have to pin mine to my head so it doesn't get blown down the road! xxx


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