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When I saw that Currys was running a contest to find out what bloggers favourite blog's were to read, I knew who I would chose straight away to enter. Before I started blogging myself, I was an avid fan of blogs. Flicking through blog's at night and weekends was, and still is, what favourite pastime. I feel that blog's can open up a sort of creativity and inspiration for people, that can sometimes struggle to come out. My favourite thing about a blog is the inspiration you can get from them, and the different genres and specialties that you can get ideas for. From outfit inspiration, writing style, cooking, art; the list is endless. 

As well as being inspired by a blog, you can aspire to a blog. And this is why Chiara Ferragni is my chosen blog. Her blog, The Blonde Salad, was launched in 2009, and since then she has become a successful style icon, featured in numerous magazines and websites. I personally love her style, and she is definitely one of my fashion icons. And though I may not be able to afford most of her designer items, she uses a lot of high street items too, which I love in a blog. Her style is really versatile and she doesn't really stick to one particular trend or look. Her blog compiles of her style, travels, beauty, and even some food and recipes. She really does cater for a wide range of interests on her blog, whilst still making fashion her main focus.

She has used the success of her blog to collaborate with some of the fashion industry's best, from Louis Vuitton to Mango. She now has her own shoe line, and is now a model and spokesperson for Guess. And she expanded to all this by, ultimately, doing what I am doing at the moment. And I can only aspire to be as successful as her one day. And to get me on the road to success, I would love to win the HP Envy Recline 23-m120ea - Beats Edition. An all-in-one PC is perfect for space saving, and the extra large 23" touch screen is perfect for reading blogs, easily creating blog posts and editing images. It would be the ideal computer for any blogger and I would love to get creative with this PC! 

You can check out the competition details HERE!

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  1. Her wardrobe must be immense!! Love her blog too!



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