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Monochrome Madness

Top - Zara  Skirt - Front Row Shop  Bag - Zara  Bracelet and Ring - Chlobo  Shoes - Zara

Well, this a pretty un-exciting outfit colour wise, but sometimes you just can't go wrong with a bit of black and white. And it has been a while for me, as I have been a bit colour mad this spring! But here you go, a bit of sophisticated-ness for you.

I got this cute un-even hem skirt from the gorgeous Front Row Shop. I really liked how different it was with the different layers and lengths and thought it was really interesting. Plus all these tennis skirts and dresses are majorly on point at the moment, so I just had to get it. I would probably like to wear it on a night out with a more tight fitting, contrasting crop, as opposed to this Zara tee, as I would like to show the detail of the clinched waist, but I think that would give it a completely different vibe, and I wanted to go a bit dressy with this.

The rest of my outfit is pretty simple, I went for my plain trusty black sandals from Zara, and my gorgeous Chanel look-alike, again from Zara. I did add a slight hint of colour with my red nails though, so it wasn't all doom and gloom. These photo's were taken by my lovely Gran, who is clearly very better at taking a good photo than yours truly. I promise, I will work on it!

I am also having a debate with myself on my hair once again; long or short people? Each day I am inching more and more towards getting it chopped off....help would be appreciated :).

Remember, if you haven't already, I would love you all forever if you could please vote for me for Best Personal Style Blog (Newcomer) in the Company Style Blogger Awards 2014. It really really would mean the world to me, and a big massive thank you to the people who have already voted. It would seriously make my year.

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  1. You have such beautifully long hair! So jealous, love your look too :) X


    1. Aww thank you :) it's really nothing to be jealous of though, it's a pain! Haha xx

  2. Gorge look as per :)
    Props to granny for the pics!!
    PS Your hair is beaut....but maybe a Kylie Jenner kind of length (with some ombre going on) would be good too?!?

    1. Thanks beaut :)! Ahh man I love her hair, I am so tempted by this!! Not sure how my pea head would work with this though....but I may have to do it anyway!
      Thanks for the advice ;) xx

  3. Your skirt is perfect!! So pretty!

  4. I love ur outfit ! Great black and white combo! I nominated u ! Im actually participating in it myself so it would b great if you could check out my blog for best teen blogger category!(:

    Xoxo rei

  5. Wow, love the skirt! xx


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  7. Love the top. Can't go wrong with monochrome..


  8. I love the monochrome look! :)



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