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Angel Delight

Jacket - So In Fashion *  Top - ASOS  Trousers - Zara  Shoes - ASOS  Bag - Zara

These pants kind of remind me of Angel Delight. Their sickly pink and silky smooth. I do wish they fit me a little better though, as the tall curse has hit hard here. These pants are more pedal-pusher than ankle grazer. This happens a lot, I find, with Zara pants. I do wish shops would cater better for us tallies. But still, they were a fab buy at £12 in the sale last year, and they are ideal for those not so warm summer days.

Now, the bomber. I haven't taken this off since I received it from the lovely people at So In Fashion. It literally goes with everything! Dresses, jeans, skirts, you name it. It instantly jazzes up a plain outfit and that baby blue is just perfect for summer! I am in LOVE. If anyone hasn't already, I would definitely recommend their site. I personally adore this necklace, so this is 100% on my shopping list when Pay Day finally arrives. It's so gorgeous and unique, I need it in my life. 

I decided to keep it simple with black accessories today, and my trusty ASOS Marky brogues worked a treat with this. I think I have worn these to death, they are so comfy and real leather, which is a bonus, and these are another wardrobe staple that goes with everything! I think everyone needs a good pair of brogues in their wardrobe. I might actually need another pair soon, I've worn them that often!


  1. Adoring the jacket. Lovely look for spring/summer!

    Katie <3

  2. I'm in love with this entire combination!


  3. The print on that jacket!! Lovely outfit x


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