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Summer Staples: Sheinside

Skirt - Top - Dress - Sunglasses - Jumper - Pants - Coat - All from Sheinside 

It may not feel like it with the weather we have been subjected to recently, but Summer IS on it's way, and  what is better than Florals for Summer? Yes, it's been done time and time again, but Floral prints are never going to get old.

Here are a few of my favourite Summer picks from the wonderful Sheinside. These gorgeous Zara inspired pieces are perfect and reasonably priced. I have ordered from there before and it arrived super quickly too, and I was so impressed with their quality of clothing! Who needs Zara these days...


  1. I love EVERYTHING on this wishlist, such a great round up of items... the coat is really lovely! x


  2. I agree, I adore everything on this list - it's all truly fabulous. That skirt is to-die-for!

    Katie <3

  3. Love this wishlist and I'm going to buy the coat thanks hun! xxx


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