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Petals and Prints

Shorts - Sheinside*  Shirt - Sheinside*  Belt - ASOS  Heels - Zara  Sunglasses - Zara

The sun is shining and the shorts are out. These particular ones are a Zara-esque pick from the wonderful Sheinside. And they are a summer staple. I love the mixtures of the pinks and reds; I always used to think that pink and red went with a 'red and green should never be seen' kind of rule. But I think fashion rules should be broken and these shorts are too cute for summer. 

I paired these with a polka dot shirt, also a Sheinside special. I have wanted a polka-dot shirt as it is such a wardrobe classic and will go with anything! I love the collarless style and the front pockets. I decided to break it up a little with my absolute BARGAIN of a purchase in the form of this ASOS belt, at the grand total of £3.50. I picked out the silver on the belt with these Zara heels I picked up in Spain, having searched for them everywhere over here! I think these shorts would look fab with flats too, and a tailored short can be really versatile, dressed up or down. 


  1. Love the shorts. It's so funny, in the first image, I wasn't sure about the two prints together but from the side I love the whole look! I always though pink and red shouldn't go together, but then Megan from Briar Rose has red hair and wears pink all the time whilst rocking it!

    Katie <3

  2. Love the clashing prints they work so well together! :)
    xxx Claire


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