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Coral Accents

Shirt - Fashion Union*  Pants - Banana Republic   Bag - Paul's Boutique*  Heels - Public Desire (similar)*  

What better way to get you through the bleak Autumn/Winter transition than a pop of colour. And this coral bag from Paul's Boutique is enough to brighten anyone's day! Sometimes I feel like you can get a little caught up in blacks and neutrals during Autumn, so this bag is just carrying a little summer on through. I also love the gold detailing of the bag, I feel like it adds a little classy-ness! I must admit, when I used to think of Pauls Boutique, I would picture the blingd out jumpers and the garish prints and colours. However, in recent years I have been pleasantly surprised by their transition to chic yet still unique bags. Check them out yourselves here and see what you think!

I have been looking for the perfect denim shirt for a while now, and this Fashion Union shirt is just that. A denim shirt can go with so many things and I feel like it's such a wardrobe staple! Whether it's worn with heels or a pair of trainers, I think every girl needs one. I chose my trusty Banana Republic Sloan skinny pants to wear with the denim shirt. If I could live in one pair of pants for the rest of my life, it would un-doubtably be these. They are comfy, perfect fitting, glam; just the queen of pants. 

I decided to pick out the gold in the bag with these Public Desire beauties I have. These shoes are surprisingly really comfortable, and the heel height is nice in that it's not too high. I decided to finish off this outfit with a little Nars lip pencil to match my bag, which I thought tied the outfit together a little more. You can find the lip colour here.


  1. I love your outfit! I love printed trousers so much! Love your blog :)



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