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Chilled out Chinos

Coat - Zara  Trousers - H&M  Top - Zara  Bag - Zara  Shoes - Dune

I think I could wear this Zara coat with every single item in my wardrobe. It might have been expensive for an un-lined coat, but it's so versatile and easy to style, it was definitely worth the investment. And the camel colour seems to go with pretty much everything! It's also great that, if you wanted to layer up it could be nice and cosy, otherwise it's nice and light weight and not too warm on it's own. If you haven't already got one, I would definitely recommend a camel coat for a AW14 wardrobe stable. 

I am wearing my lovely H&M patterned chinos again in this post. I love how the overall colour of the pants kind of changes with what you are wearing them with. For example, if you look at my previous blog post when I am wearing a pink coat, the burgundy in the pants stands out more and they look much more red, where as with this camel coat I feel like the beige color is picked up more? I don't know if it's just me though. 

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  1. This 70s tile print is definitely one of my faves for A/W - I brings a nice twist into the overall look with the other classic pieces but still looks chic. Fab shoes! ���� curiousaliceloves.wordpress.com


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