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Chasing the Light

Gilet - Fashion Union*  Jumper - Zara  Skirt - City Rack*  Bag - Zara  Boots - Zara

I recently took part in an online interview, and one of the questions was 'What is the best and worst thing about running a successful fashion blog?'. Now, the best thing is definitely what came to my head first; just doing what I love. I have a love for fashion and shopping that is almost un-healthy, and being able to style outfits and express my creativity in the form of an outfit is such a buzz for me. Then there was the worst. And that was without hesitation, time. Finding time to juggle a full time job and taking blog photos. And this is what I have to resort to, with these dark winter days/nights. I feel like I have a few hours slot on a Sunday that I need to make the most of. And if I get it too late, I feel a bit disappointed with my photo quality, as they turn out kind of dark and gloomy. 

But it's worth it, and today I am making the most out of an unfortunate situation. I don't feel the weather helps with the moody-ness either. However, I have a bit of brightness at least in today's outfit, in the form of this pink fur Gilet from Fashion Union. The colour really drew me to this Gilet as I felt it was a nice shade of pink without being too Barbie! And it's such a great item to have in your wardrobe, you can throw it over just about anything and it will work! Plus, if you want to snap one up too, it's now in the sale, along with another nude colour, which you can check out here. This cute grey skirt is another bargain from The City Rack. It's a fab colour for winter and there's nothing better than a bargain! 

If you want to check out the interview I spoke about earlier, check it out here on Fashion Chick!

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  1. love your gilet, it's the perfect colour ! x

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