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Teal Time

Jacket - Primark  Shirt - Zara  Pants - Zara  Shoes - Zara  Bag - Mulberry

Bottle green is fast becoming one of my favourite colours this Autumn, and I have known for a while that I wanted a green/teal colour fur. I had my eye on a beautiful one from Fashion Union but could never spot it online! So when I saw this beauty in Primark for £25, I could not resist. Its perfect; nice and soft, a great colour and a great length. And for that price, I would definitely buy this in other colours too, I am hoping there is a burgundy one I can find somewhere!

Keeping to the bottle green theme, I decided to match my fur with this gorgeous Zara polka dot green shirt. This is a wardrobe favourite of mine at the moment and there's a cute little cut out at the back of the shirt which makes it a little different. I have my eye on the matching shorts from Zara too! A cute little DIY playsuit I have in mind. With this wintery outfit, I decided to bring out my Mulberry Bayswater bag which I got a few years ago now. I thought it was the ideal colour to compliment the green and silvery greys in my outfit, and it had been a bit neglected at the back of my wardrobe for a few months so I decided it needed an outing. 

I don't think I am the only one to have said this, but these beautiful Zara silver goddess shoes are the most painful things I have ever come across. And yes, they are worse than the breaking in of my Dune leopard print beauties. I'm not sure if it's just me and I have odd shaped feet, but Zara seem to make the most painful shoes. Painfully beautiful shoes. Alas, us girls will suffer anything to look good. And if that means walking with a slight limp, so be it...


  1. great colors! and yes, those shoes look like they could inflict a great deal of pain, ouch..

  2. I have a pair of Topshop shoes just like the ones you have from Zara. They are beautiful and metallic but they really, really hurt. I can deal with the pain haha. Bottle green is a beautiful colour. The jacket is lovely x


  3. That jacket is amazing, love the color of that! I bought a similar in Forever21 on last week.. Eszter


  4. I really can't decide what I love most about this outfit, the fur jacket, the silver shoes or your trousers!


  5. Gorgeous outfit! Love that coat. What a bargain too!



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