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Leopard Accents

Jumper - Zara  Culottes - Lavish Alice  Boots - Topshop  Bag - Reiss  

It's especially hard to take blog photo's in winter. Even harder when it's blowing a gale. So excuse my hair and moody pout in these photo's. 

Lavish Alice is fast becoming one of my favourite brands, with their feminine take on masculinity and chic simpleness, I want everything online right now. These culottes are definitely a new wardrobe staple of mine, and long gone are the days when I thought culottes were just meant for heels.

You may also think that Culottes aren't for winter, but throw in an oversized jumper and you don't even notice the slight ankle breeze. This jumper was from Zara last year and I loved the chunky, heaviness to the knit, rather than a flimsy jumper. I decided it was also the perfect jumper to be worn with my new purchase, in the form of this Reiss leopard print pony fur perfection. The print, the gold clasp and delicate gold chain make this bag an all round winner. It may be a bit small, but as long as it can hold the essentials (phone, money, lippy and eyelash glue) then that's OK with me.


  1. such a gorgeous outfit, love it ! that sweater looks so cozy and i love your culottes x

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  2. Your style is so incredible - wish I could raid your wardrobe!

  3. This Reiss bag is a gorgeous addition to the outfit! Can't wait to see your first YouTube action hun :) xxx


  4. I have been after that jumper but it sold out weeks ago :( you look fab x

  5. Love the culotte look on you. And that handbag is so lovely. Can't beat a bit of leopard print to add the finishing touches to an outfit! x


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