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Braving the Bra

I will openly admit that I have never really been one for paying attention to getting the right bra sizes. I don’t know if it’s just me that does this, but I usually just guess. I find that in many shops, bra sizes differ so much that it’s hard to find a bra size that is a good all rounder? It may just be me, as I am definitely not overly generous in the boob department, but I am usually totally uninterested in the whole lingerie business.

However, after being introduced to Blossom Lingerie and their ‘Size Matter’s article, I was actually a little surprised at how casually unaware I have been of the possible health effects of wearing the wrong size bra, along with a high percentage of the female population too, it seems (four out of five women, to be exact).

For example, did you know that a too tight bra will not only cause those unsightly red marks on your shoulders, but can cause headaches too? This can even lead to scarring of the skin too, which is just far too drastic all for the sake of an ill fitting bra. 

And then there are loose bra problems too. And not just the age old myth of sagging. If the band of your bra is too loose, your shoulders will carry most of the weight which can cause back and neck problems and an ill fitting bra can mean your rib cage can take a lot of the strain which can cause a curved back over time. I mean, I knew us women had to suffer a little more than men, but is all this really necessary? 

Blossom Lingerie have created a little section here to get you on the right bra track and help you determine whether you’re wearing the wrong size bra and the rule of thumb when it comes to bra shopping. It’s definitely worth having a check through this little guide, as lets be honest ladies, we have enough on our plates without having to worry whether out bras are out to get us too. 

And once you have found your perfect size, don’t forget to check out Blossom Lingerie’s super pretty range of underwear and shape wear too. My personal favourite is this retro spotted set by Freya. It's good quality and supportive, without looking too old. 

Anyway, I hope you liked my slightly different post today. I'm just looking out for all you lovely ladies after all.

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