Pyjama Stripes

Shirt - Topshop  Trousers - Topshop  Heels - Zara  Necklace - Love Silver*

Sometimes, a change is needed from your usual skinny jeans or slim pants. Wide leg trousers and flares are so on trend at the moment, so now is the time to step out of your comfort zone and brave the tent pant. 

This two piece from Topshop may look like pyjamas and it is actually just as comfortable as pyjamas too, but I love it. It's a somewhat chic play on casual. As I am pretty tall and the trousers didn't quite touch the ground when I was wearing flats, I decided to wear them a little higher and have them as more of an ankle grazer flare, paired with a pair of burgundy heels from Zara to bring out the subtle burgundy stripe running through the outfit. 

How cute is this Carrie-esque necklace from Love Silver too? I got this over London Fashion Week at the Rare London blogger breakfast and I wear it all the time now! Silver is definitely my favourite jewellery colour and whats better than a bit of personalisation? 


  1. This two piece is perfection. It looks quite lightweight, so perfect for when the weather decides to warm up a bit! x

    VanessaVonJames | Fashion Blog

  2. Amazing outfit ! Love it ! Perfect for spring :)

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