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Every time I shoot a new outfit, it doesn't just end with blog post. Posting on different social media platforms is crucial for a blogger, as is constant promotion of yourself and your blog. Without promotion and putting your links and outfits out there, you're not reaping the entire benefits of social media. And believe me, there are some amazing benefits.
That's where feels comes in to play. In association with Storm Models, feels is the first fashion modelling app. Posting on the app gives you the chance to be contacted with amazing new opportunities, what with so many companies using the app, and it also gives you the chance to be scouted by companies; Storm Models included (if you're lucky!). The beauty of feels is, you aren't just limited to an image, you can upload your latest vlog and youtube clips for people to discover, or 'feel' as it's called on the app. You can tag all your favourite fashion and beauty brands, and subscribe to your favourite users, all under one social media roof. 
It's fast becoming my go to blogger app! Head over to your feels app and search for Olivia Laura Turner to follow me! You can download feels for free here and give it a try for yourself! 

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  1. I can definitely see why you've signed up for this, you have such a beautiful look!

    Tara x


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