Mellow Yellow

I never really thought that a bright yellow would be very 'me'. However, I was really drawn to this jumper when I saw it in H&M a few weeks back, and then when I thought about it, it is technically one of my colours... 

If you don't know what I am talking about when I say my colours, you should go and have a read on House of Colour. It's kinda like having your fortune read, but in colour form? Anyway, I found out I was of 'winter' complexion (which definitely doesn't mean gothic). And each season has their own colour spectrum of what makes them pop and what they should stay clear from. And this kind of acid yellow is one of mine. I mean, I don't religiously stick to a strict colour regime when I go shopping, but it's always interesting to think that wearing a certain shade of a colour can change so much about you.

Anyway, I decided to let the yellow do the talking on this one and kept it pretty simple, throwing on my current go-to accessories and a biker jacket to toughen up the look a little. You can find some alternative items below to shop now!

Jumper - H&M  Culottes - Lavish Alice - Jacket - Whistles  Boots - Zara  Scarf - Zara  Bag - YesStyle


  1. Look at you, love the look even the yellow which really is not my cup of tea. xx

  2. LOVE your style!

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