The Location Debate

Ever since I started my blog (about 3 years ago now) I have longed to live, or at least blog, in London. To have the pretty white streets of Notting Hill at my beck and call.  A chic, minimal concrete jungle of beautiful monochrome doorways and delicate black fencing as my backdrops. To get a fancy shmancy mid action walk across the street shot in a mega hip area. But in reality, I have Wales.

I have green and I have trees and I have scenery. And it is something that frustrates me every time I go to shoot. Maybe it's just because I live here, because I seem to get some nice comments about my locations from my followers. I don't know, maybe it's the whole wanting what you can't have thing. But does a background really matter? Is the outfit the most important thing? I think I've just come to accept that I don't live in the city and whilst I am stuck in the county, I have to make do. So I've come to accept my driveway for now.

But I am interested to know what you guys think. Are background locations important to you? 

Coat - Zara (similar)  Jeans - Bershka  Shirt - Front Row Shop  Jumper - Zara (Similar)  Shoes - Ali Express (similar)  Bag - Zara (similar) Sunglasses - Le Specs Scarf - Charlotte Simone

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  1. i have always thought the same, it is something that you think about when shooting outfit photos... but in all honesty you make your location look great, i think it's something different and as far as drive ways go it's a pretty nice one for shooting in! also i think as long as you have good quality photography, which you do - thats the most important thing!

    and you pull off those jeans so well!

    anna /styleskittle xx

  2. I think you always want what you don't have. Sometimes London backgrounds look a bit samey at the time. Only so many white houses you can take! My favourite blogs always have a variety.
    A Story of a Girl


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