I have a new found love for teddy coats. Sometimes, full on fur is a bit too much for day time, so these slightly fluffy coats are the perfect day time alternative. I think this one has a slightly retro feel to it too, I think it's the tailored shape to it that I really like. Plus, at less than £50, you really can't go wrong.

Also, how pretty is this skirt? You will never guess but it's from Missguided and it's only £22!

I have noticed recently whilst wearing my Gucci Princetown dupes out an about that people just don't get them. Some of the stares I get I swear people think I have lost my marbles and come out in my slippers. But so what, long gone are the days that I care about what other people think and if anything I find it pretty amusing. My boyfriend when he has to stand with me wearing these; less so. 

Coat - Missguided  Shirt - Front Row Shop  Polo - Zara (similar)  Skirt - Missguided  Shoes - Ali Express (similar) Socks - ASOS  Sunglasses - Byebyebella 


  1. this outfit is so gorgeous! i have been wanting to get a pair of fishnet socks. they look amazing with those shoes!

    anna /styleskittle xx

  2. Oh my god. That bag is beautiful. Like insanely beautiful. And those shoes! I love this whole outfit girl! XXXX

  3. Your parents are legends. And that bag is perfection.



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