Little White Dress

Wearing white is one of my favourite things, even if it's a little unpractical sometimes. Is it just me or does anyone else end up with a variety of food/makeup/fake tan stains before you've even left the house? Alas, this did not stop me buying this little tennis dress a few weeks back. And at £25.99, you can't go wrong.

I managed to make it stain free until I shot this look anyway. I just love the drop hem feel to this dress too, I have a bit of a thing for them at the moment, I have my eye on this beauty too. Along with a slight obsession with circles, it seems. So I definitely couldn't leave these shoes when I spotted them online a few weeks back. They're real leather too, so they are mega comfy. I just know I am going to be living in these until probably about December. 

I kept my look simple, adding my favourite Zara shopper bag for a bit of colour and a gold and black watch to compliment the outfit. You can shop my items or alternative bits below by clicking on the images.

Dress - Zara (similar)  Shoes - Mango  Bag - Zara (similar)  Sunglasses - Le Specs  Watch - Klarf 


  1. Such a gorgeous tennis dress, and I can't believe how much of a bargain it was!

    Emma at

  2. love it! Such a good price too - can always count on zara for great pieces at great prices!

  3. ADORE this look! I also love white and it just looks wonderful in the Sun! ;)
    Tatyana x


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