Testing the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

If, like me, you have been an avid Apple fan since you can remember, then you probably wouldn't think twice about having any other product than Apple, including a phone. And I really didn't at all, until I tried this phone out for real. And boy did my opinion change.

When I got the chance to try out this phone with Three, I decided to give something different a go because sometimes, change is good. And when a product totally changes your perceptions, it's got to be good too.

Not only is the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge an insanely chic looking phone (look at that mirrored rose gold!), it makes everything else look good. Videos are crisp, apps look fresh and photos look INCREDIBLE. This 12MP camera even challenged my camera.  And to be quite honest, my iPhone felt like a Nokia 3310 compared to this. The battery lasted longer, the apps seemed to work quicker and selfies were a lot of fun with the 'Selfie Mode', making you look just that little bit extra pretty.

I can't even describe how nice the screen is, and the Edge (named due to how the screen curves around the edge of the phone) really makes a difference in the aesthetic of the phone.

(See what I mean by the 'Selfie Mode'? It smooths out all imperfections and you literally think you're Kim K for about 5 minutes)

I never thought that I would even consider changing from my beloved iPhone, but after trying this out for the week, I am thinking that Apple really need to step up their game right now to even begin to compete with Samsung. They are way ahead in every aspect, and I think I have already converted two  of my friends and family to make the switch. Now I just need to decide whether I can make the jump...

Get yours at Three now

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