New Look Christmas Stocking Exchange

'Tis the season. Sparkles, decorations, that kind of buffet food and... panic present buying?! I am either super organised with my gifts or very last minute. I know this year it's probably going to be the latter what with my big American holiday taking up lots of my time (and possibly budget). But one item I have had up my sleeve for a while is a lil bit of Secret Santa gift buying.

This year, I'm taking part in the New Look Christmas Stocking Exchange, where a selection of bloggers take part in an anonymous Secret Santa swap and I just LOVE the idea. I've done something similar before and it's so lovely to show other bloggers support. It's kind of weird getting a name of a blogger that you know, but don't really know, if that makes sense. When I saw who I had for my gift swap, I was totally excited because I already follow this gal religiously and we have a very similar style, so I felt like I could chose something pretty easily. It's always way more fun buying for someone who has similar taste to you (not so much when you end up keeping said gift for yourself...).

So, whilst I am yet to find out which lovely guy or gal sent me these items, I can still show you what I received in my lovely surprise parcel.

As if the box it's self wasn't pretty enough, I was so happy to see such a cute little box of cozyness just in time for the cold weather. For a start, I haven't taken these slippers off since I opened them. I love a good fluffy slipper (no one wants cold feet in winter) and I have to admit, I almost own as many slippers as I do actual shoes. But as one can never have too many shoes or slippers, it was a welcome addition.

Another lovely wintery addition was this pretty bardot knit jumper. Now I know off the shoulder and jumper shouldn't really go in the same sentence (jumpers are supposed to be warm and bare shoulders definitely isn't) but I can just picture this looking chic as with some black flares and wintery boots. 
 To add a bit of glam to my wintery haul, I also received a gorgeous pair of earrings (this person must have known I have a slight obsession with circles at the moment).  These are perfect for the upcoming party season and will be great to add to a simple black outfit for some extra glamour.

So, a massive thank you to whoever my Secret Santa may be. I hope you have all got some great ideas for your Christmas shopping lists now too! Make sure to check out New Look's fab christmas gift guide here.

*This post is in collaboration with New Look but all choices and views are my own.

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