Wearing PVC

So you've seen it everywhere recently; PVC. From coats to trousers, it seems to be the new 'it' trend. And a hard one to pull off too. If you can handle a few iffy stares (that's just from the squeaking) and some slight breathing restrictions then you are so ready for a bit of vinyl.

I went for a pair of trousers for this shiny look. And I am not joking about the trouser squeaking. I literally sound like two balloons rubbing together when I walk in these trousers but fashun. I really fell in love with these trousers when I first saw them and I went back and forth deciding whether I was hip enough to pull these off. Then I decided I didn't really give one either way so I took the plunge and bought these from H&M. Now, as you all know and as I recently tweeted, H&M clothes sizing is up there with the bermuda triangle and other of the world biggest mysteries. If you didn't see my tweet, I put these pants that I got in a size 14 next to my size 10 Lee Jeans and they were actually smaller than the 10. Who knows what's going on with H&M sizing, but I do know that these trousers are TIGHT. 

With the PVC feeling pretty dressy, I went mostly casual for the rest of my look and wore my new bargain Topshop sale coat, my favourite H&M oversized jumper and my trusty Vans Old Skool trainers. I am loving the checked coat look at the moment and I think I need a blazer version too... 

If you're not quite ready for PVC pants just yet, maybe start off with a cute skirt and a knit jumper, or even a pair of patent booties (these are my favourites at the moment). It's definitely a hard trend to pull off but I think we will be seeing more and more latex-y looks in the coming weeks so ya'll better get used to it.

Coat - Topshop
Jumper - H&M (similar)
Trousers - H&M (similar)
Socks - ASOS
Shoes - Vans via ASOS


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  2. Also some baby oil on the thighs of the trousers stop the squeak ⭐️⭐️⭐️

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