Biker Chic

Is it time to apologise for the Dionysus overuse yet? Until I get my next bag fix, no. Sorry. I mean, it just goes with everything doesn't it? And if I am being really 'bloggery', think about the cost per wear and all that Jazz... But it just goes perfectly with this beautiful faux fur coat that I got recently and I just can't put it down at the moment.

 I feel like these jeans may be the most flattering jeans I've owned bar my trusty Lee jeans. But these are half the price! I love the biker style and it's nice to have some grey denim for a change as I've been all over blue denim recently. I thought that the biker style went perfectly with these Doc Martin style boots that I picked up a few months back. I can't believe I haven't blogged these yet, they were such a bargain but look great.

This whole outfit is actually such great value, I love this cream knit that I picked up recently too. I do have a few knits like this, it's nice having a flare sleeve that adds a little extra...flare (pardon the pun).  

Coat - c/o Dorothy Perkins
Knit - c/o Dorothy Perkins
Jeans - c/o Dorothy Perkins
Boots - Stradivarius
Bag - Gucci

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  1. LOVE this babe, your legs look amazing! xx


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