Celebrating Mothers Day with Pandora

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and I for one always struggle with choosing a Mother’s Day gift. When you have a mother who has everything (including great taste), any old thing won't do. Gone are the years when a handmade pasta necklace or DIY piece of 'art' will suffice. Sure, they may have been cute when you were younger but let’s be honest, they're probably long gone by now. I mean, I made my mum a wooden stool once. And whilst that sounds pretty impressive for a child of around 10 or so (there was lots of adult supervision involved) it was probably a little underwhelming. And at the grand old age of 24 I now feel like it’s my turn now to spoil my mum properly, because it's about time we started treating our mothers after all their years of treating us.

And it's not just about our mothers. It's our grandmothers, our aunties, even extended family members. I was lucky enough to have three lots of grandmothers growing up and each one brought something special to my life: generosity, amazing memories that will last forever, and inspiration. Inspiration that lead to me starting this blog. I spent hours growing up playing with my auntie’s vast make up collection. I used to sit at my gran's amazing jewellery box for hours, trying on her sparkly rings and beautiful pearls, feeling like a princess and waiting for hand-me-downs. Hand-me-downs that I still treasure to this day; I remember I used to play with my nana's locket when I was younger and always dreamt of having it one day. This locket necklace from PANDORA is a really cute modern play on the more traditional style and I love it as lockets have somewhat sentimental value to me.

One thing I will say about the women in my family is that they got style. My nana dresses better than I do, my mum has an enviable handbag collection and I borrow clothes from my auntie’s! I don't know many other people who can say that they get style tips from their nana but I do; I can go around there and she will show me something she's bought recently and I can guarantee I will want one too. People often don't believe me when I say that my nana is my hairdresser either. I can always rely on my mum and nana for style advice (even if I sometimes don't take it) as they always look classy and sophisticated; something that I always aspire to be.

My mother and nana came to mind straight away when I heard about PANDORA’s DO campaign. Their latest campaign is all about women who DO more, who want more and are empowered as women. They are forever inspiring me to be me, to drive to be better. If I'm looking for blog ideas they're first at hand. If I am stuck for a photographer, my mum or nana are there. To me, empowerment is all about how you feel on the inside and outside. Empowerment can be a way of emotion but it can also be a way of carrying yourself. My blog and my style is a way of feeling empowerment for me. And I feel inspired by not only these two, but all the women in my family; my gran, my late nana, my many auntie’s. I come from a large and super close family and I am forever motivated by these amazingly kind, generous, classy women. And these women are what the DO campaign is all about.

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*This post is in association with Pandora but all words and opinions are my own.


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