A girl really can never have too many pairs of shoes. We tell ourselves this over and over, each time we buy a new pair we feel the need to justify it. We might already have 8 pairs of black boots but we still need that other pair, because each one is slightly different. Well I'm over trying to justify accessories. I've got more heels, boots, flats and trainers than you can shake a stick at and I love it. They make me happy. As do these absolute beauties from New Look.

How beautiful are they and for the price they're even better! These are such a bargain and this style shoe is everywhere at the moment thanks to the Chanel mule, but these are the best alternative I've found to date. And they're actually really comfortable too! I love the colour, it's a nude but also seems slightly off pink next to my pink shirt. 

I paired these mules with these amazing frayed hem jeans. I had been after the perfect pair of light coloured boyfriend jeans for so long and I have found the ones. I tried on so many pairs and they just didn't fit right, but these are actually perfect. They're flattering, nice and high waisted and LONG! Ankle grazers that actually go to the ankle of someone who is 5'10 are very hard to come by, so well done New Look!

Another amazing pick is this trench coat and you won't believe it when I say it's under £40. It's so beautifully made and looks super expensive! This whole outfit has really turned me into a New Look fiend. Their footwear collection right now is probably the best around and the choice online is just amazing. I know that each of these items will be featuring regularly in my wardrobe. You can check out all of New Look's amazing shoe range here.

Shirt - Zara 

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