The Rewear Debate

As a blogger I sometimes feel like there is a little pressure or an expectation to have something new. All.the.time. God forbid we wear the same item in more than 1 photo. 2 is a crime to fashion humanity. Unless it's a designer bag or shoes, because we all know about the cost per wear blablabla...

Truth is, I like seeing items reworn and reworked. It's real, it's realistic and it's life. Does anyone actually believe in wearing an item once and then never being seen dead in it again? Are you Regina George? I mean, I wouldn't categorically say no I will never do this because there are going to be items I wear and then maybe change my mind, or not love as much, or feel deserves a better home after my one wear. Let's be honest, you're not gonna be handing that £20 100% Polyester cold shoulder style top to your grandchildren in ya will. But if I like something, I have no shame in wearing it more than once.

Take this T shirt for example. It's basic, it's easy, it goes with so many things. I wear this T shirt a lot, so I'm going to show you guys that. I like seeing how things can be worn in different ways, how different things can look when worn differently. Same goes for the Vans. I wear these every chance I get (they probably need replacing now). And I don't mind showing you that because that's what I wear, and that's what a blog is all about right? 

T-Shirt - ASOS
Coat - New Look
Trousers - Zara (similar)
Shoes - Vans
Bag - Gucci


  1. I'm all for wearing items more than once. If I was able to blog everyday I would be doing it more. Think it also shows different ways to wear items, whether or not they were expensive xx

  2. I love the idea of you showing your same pieces multiple different ways! Isn't that the whole point of inspiration? I know myself I try to buy clothing items that will have multiple lives in varying outfits :-)
    P.s. new follower


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