Basic dressing is sometimes what summer is all about. No layers, no jackets and coats and scarves. Something simple like a logo tee and a little skirt is what I love about summer. I'm heading to America again in a few weeks for a mini road trip, and this is what my suitcase is going to consist of; the basics. But not boring basics.

Another logo top to add to my collection, this cute 1990 top will go with so many things and it's a nice cropped length without being too short, so its perfect to go with a pair of high waisted trousers or skirts and shorts. Topshop have some amazing pieces at the moment and I seemed to have been doing little hauls lately, with this tee and skirt being part of said haul. They have also had some amazing sale items that you can find here

I think these items were also both really good prices for Topshop as I think sometimes things can be a little pricey for what you get there, but this skirt is less than £25 and the top was less than £20! The skirt may be my new favourite item, the pattern is so cute, the style is really flattering and I think it can easily be dressed up or down.

As usual, you can shop my look below.

Top - Topshop
Skirt - Topshop
Bag - Jessica Buurman
Sunglasses - RayBan c/o Sunglasses Shop


  1. This is such a good combination! Sometimes less is better when choosing an outfit, especially in the summer, like you said -no layers-. I'm loving the skirt since it can be used in a little more formal setting as well.

    Elena Jackson

  2. I love this cute outfit! especially with the black converse! I think I need a pair of them!

    Isobel x

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