The USA Road Trip: Nashville

Welcome to part 2 of the USA road trip chronicles, Nashville. Whilst we knew that our first destination was going to be Florida, we didn't actually know where we were going to go next. Whilst we were there, hurricane Harvey was underway in the gulf coast and it was causing a lot of destruction, which ultimately led to a little re jigging of our plans. We decided to head straight up to Nashville.

After our 8 hour drive across country, we arrived in downtown Nashville. I found a cheap hotel online on, as usual, which was a best western and right in the centre of all the action. After a quick freshen up, our first point of contact was to head straight to Broadway. As big country music fans, we had heard that Nashville was the perfect place for us. And it did not disappoint. 

Live music in every bar, crazy yet friendly atmospheres and all the food. The bars were insane, there were country bands on every door step and it was hard to choose which ones to go in as they all seemed amazing. Plus, my boyfriend was in his element with all the Blue Moon's and PBR's. 

The next day was another rainy day. And when it rains in the south, it really rains. It was also much colder so we decided to go for a bit of a wander and headed over to the Country Music Hall of Fame (of course). Whilst it was pretty interesting and something that you probably need to do if you're visiting, it wasn't as good as I was expecting for some reason. I'd still recommend a visit though if you're a fan. 

We wandered around the city and discovered that outside of Broadway it was all super modern, sky scrapers and crazy buildings. It was kind of cool to see the stark contrast between the two. That evening we found a proper backstreet bar close to our hotel where we had some amazing Tacos and Beers, because what else.

We really wish that we had more time in Nashville as it was definitely our favourite stop of the trip. It was a bit of us and we wish we could have explored more, visited more of the bars and had some better weather. So we would definitely recommend Nashville, whether you're a country fan or not. 

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