The Tall Girls Guide: Midi Dresses

If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen my recent rant on the lack of option for us tall girls in stores at the moment. Being almost 6 foot I find it super difficult. Yes, I can get the odd pair of skinny jeans in store in a 34 or 36 inch leg but that's about all I ever seem to find. 

When will brands realise that more often than not, if we have long legs then the rest of our body is probably long too. I'm wanting longer bodied blazers, higher high waist trousers and extra long sleeves. And I was totally blow away by all the messages I got from girls who are in the same boat, so I've decided to introduce a little mini series of tall girl shopping on here, featuring all my best finds, tips, tricks and advice on shopping for us lanky lasses. 

I picked up this Topshop midi dress in store the other week and I knew that this kind of style would be a good fit for me, as you kind of know what is going to suit your body shape before trying things on. This dress is actually the perfect length for me, I feel like it definitely would be more of a maxi dress on a shorter person but that's totally fine as it would look great that length as well. I didn't really have to worry about sleeve length here either as they are kind of a relaxed, billowy style.

I thought it would be perfect for dressing down with flat boots like I have here for a more casual look but then just as great with a pair of heels for a night out or an event. 

Dress - Topshop
Blazer - Blazer
Bag - Chloe 
Boots - Stradivarius 
Earrings - Zara


  1. You are looking beautiful. Perfect outfit according to your height.

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