The Cotton Linen Blazer

I have been after a blazer this colour for a while now and after seeing this one on Everyone, I initially thought; over my budget. It's not often I can afford to splash out on items and contrary to popular belief, not all bloggers have an endless money stash (well, I certainly don't anyway). Dropping $145 dollars on a blazer felt like a lot for me, and although I am a huge Everlane fan and I know just how good their quality is, I wasn't sure I could justify it.

I trawled and trawled for an alternative baby blue blazer, for a more affordable version, and I came across a few but they just didn't wow me like the Everlane one. I tried my trusty & Other Stories but they had nothing either, and I knew that second best just wouldn't do. So, after selling a couple of pieces on Depop (it's all about the recycling) I was able to justify it to myself. And I'm SO glad I did. The fit is perfect for me, I went for a 10 which I think is a US 14, as I wanted it nice and oversized and boxy. I think it goes great with a similar colour jean too and also my Chloe Tess bag.

       Blazer - Everlane
Shoes - Zara
Bag - Chloe
T Shirt - c/o Everlane 
Necklace - ChloBo
Sunglasses - Celine


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